Today, our guest blog celebrates EARTH DAY 2020. We feature Melbourne-based, American artist and musician, Robert Rothko, who has offered us his new release, COFFEE to help promote the cause.
Wake up and smell the coffee,” sings Melbourne-based American artist Robert Rothko. The line echoes the sentiments of climate change advocates around the world encouraging people and political leaders to take action. 

“I’m releasing a song on Earth Day about climate change and the role we all play in ensuring a sustainable future. My mission is to reach those who have ignored the climate threat, and I believe that in the current disruption caused by COVID-19, people are now more receptive than ever to new ways of viewing the world.

I’d like to offer the song to you at Children’s Book Creators for Climate Action as a resource, to help promote the cause and inspire action.

I think this Earth Day has the ability to be an especially impactful one, and with everyone working together with a common message, we can carve out a beautiful new trajectory for our planet.”


With much of the world in a lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic, the message comes at a time when many are afforded the opportunity to reflect on their lifestyle choices and day-to-day activities. “COVID-19, terrible though it is, provides us with a chance to reset and evaluate,” says Rothko.

“Due to social distancing and self-isolation, we are re-thinking how we engage with others. And due to an increase in video meetings, working from home, online education, and reduced travel, carbon emissions have taken a dive. Is it possible practices such as these can be adapted and utilised post-COVID-19? Our reflections should also include how we interact with the planet and its non-human inhabitants.”

After moving to Australia, Rothko witnessed first-hand the devastation caused by climate change, from the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef to the rampant and unprecedented bushfires raging across the country.

“My wife and I volunteer and donate to Animal Rescue Collective,” Rothko explains. “We drop off supplies desperately needed for animals injured in the bushfires. We also were lucky to attend a lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall in Melbourne, which was life-changing. I stopped eating meat and became even more interested in the role we all play in shaping our world.”

In light of recent events, Rothko maintains an optimistic outlook. “We are seeing some beautiful examples now of humanity banding together in this current crisis to make drastic changes and care for one another, and that fills me with hope. With this same spirit of cooperation, empathy, and urgency, we can prevent future climate change disasters.”

Today, in celebration of Earth Day – April 22, 2020, Robert Rothko will release his new single, “Coffee” along with a music video collaboration with nature and wildlife photographers from around the world. LISTEN TO IT HERE!

Music video coming soon on Robert’s website.

Robert Rothko cover image

Visit for more info.

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