May you live in interesting times! Or so the Chinese (or was it Irish?) curse goes.

There we were thinking the devastating bushfires at the start of the year would be the worst 2020 would throw at us. Who’d have thought!

calvin and hobbes by Bill watterson
Biting humour and sardonic wit of Calvin and Hobbes… by the brilliant cartoonist, Bill Watterson

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives. For many, it’s more devastating than being ‘home-bound’; not physically connecting with other humans or places. Other countries like China, Italy, Spain, Iran and now the US, reel with the full brunt of many deaths.

Climate Action seems to have taken a back seat to this pandemic. I’m sure you feel that way too. It would be easy to give up on this blog while minds and hearts are elsewhere. But would that be going against our passion for protecting the planet’s future. 

Therefore, we here at the CBCreators4ClimateAction will keep the blog and our Facebook social media platform running. We will continue to pass on vital information about Climate Action. We, and many others will keep a critical and collective gaze on powerful fossil fuel industries and the governments who support them.

In these times, it must seem like a confusing, terrifying world to children. On their TV screens, they may see the deaths and the horror unfolding in many nations hit hard by the pandemic. Even if they’re not allowed to watch the news on TV, they are affected because schools are shut down; and they can’t visit grandparents, friends, the playgrounds. Everything they normally would do is not how it was.

Even a wee toddler … my granddaughter, Ava, who never watches television except for the Australian cartoon show, Bluey, asked the other day, ‘Is the Coruna-Pirate here yet?’ You sometimes forget ‘little piggies have big ears’.

So … to give you some more ideas for home activities, Katrin Dreiling and Hope Koala and her bearly-here friends will keep up the Green Challenge activities on Katrin’s Klimate Kids Korner.


And soon we will introduce a new page on our blog … THE APPRECIATING NATURE STARTER KIT, for children, young and old. And yes, that includes the young at heart, like us all. It’s the work of author and editor, Kate Foster, our newest team member. See you all there!

As usual, we welcome your comments, your anecdotes and your suggestions.


One thought on “#20 Living in interesting times … Sheryl Gwyther, author, artist

  1. Ah, Calvin and Hobbes… Nice. So many layers behind a ‘simple’ strip cartoon.

    And, hell yeah to ‘interesting times’. But, for our situation, fending off the threat of plague, the weight of threat from global warming looms greater if we care about more than our own personal futures. The corporate-government autocracy is still refusing to act on our behalf, and instead bent on destroying democracy and retaining corporate control. Which probably sounds like conspiracy-theorising paranoia to some but is just BAU (business as usual) as a corporate shill mentioned to me on the phone yesterday as I tried to casually turn him into a whistleblower.

    The critical thing, beyond mere survival, is to think of the world we’re becoming, and whether things will be considerably worse – an ongoing authoritarian state with a pretense of democratic trimmings, like a spring of parsley beside a plate-filling steak, or a socialist-democratic society where utilities aren’t for profit and are owned by us. Education and health are for people, not profits. Or will we have a greater nightmare for our kids and grandkids – a world in which ‘democracy’ is a disused and dismissed meme, regarded as a failed experiment while we found that truly worthy Strong Leader to rule us all.

    The democratic-socialist path leads to action on climate; autocracy leads to BAU – the red line that tracks upward, exponential, like a virus spreading unchecked.

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