painting by william blake
Nebuchadnezzar by William Blake  1795–c.1805

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the airwaves … with all the worry and stress that goes along with it. Naturally, the world’s attention has shifted away from fighting CLIMATE CHANGE.

Never fear, Global Warming is still there waiting, like poet, W.B. Yeats’, The Second Coming … and that rough beast, its hour come round at last, slouches towards Bethlehem to be born .

But do you get the feeling that that rough beast is already here? Witness the stripping of grocery shelves, the greed, the supermarket fights, selfishness and fear and hatred … and not just in Australia.

I reckon we all need a touch of THE KINDNESS PANDEMIC.

And that’s exactly what Dr Catherine Barrett did by setting up the site, THE KINDNESS PANDEMIC. They’re a Facebook group as well part of the website, Celebrate Ageing.


We set up #TheKindnessPandemic because so many people need acts of kindness right now; and so many others want to hear stories of kindness.
Kindness won’t make COVID19 go away, but it will make our lives easier and more rewarding.
We particularly encourage intergenerational kindness, but welcome you sharing all acts of kindness.
The Kindness Pandemic is an initiative of Celebrate Ageing, a social enterprise building respect for older people.
For more information contact Catherine Barrett or check out our webpage:

So, Climate Action-eers, while we’re waiting for the next wave of concern over CLIMATE CHANGE to come in the not-so-distant future, I urge you to join the group, THE KINDNESS PANDEMIC.

Read the wonderful posts on their Facebook … ordinary people being KIND, THOUGHTFUL, UNSELFISH. Ordinary Australians who are watchful, observant, who see the difficulties other less able humans are facing.

They want to help … call it The Milk of Human Kindness if you like. 

See what you think. Comments welcome below or on our Facebook page.

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