Hi everyone, come join the CBC4CA team (including Hope, and her 3 bear-y friendly companions) in welcoming kids to our site. We offer activities they can do at home, at school and in their own lives to help our planet recover.

It’s a serious subject, but we must ensure young people stay positive about making a difference … they, and we can do it. We start small … in our homes and schools. Come join us!

The bear group_you are amazing_small

All the easy to follow instructions are on our page, Katrin’s Klimate Kids’ Korner.

Click on the sub-page for February’s Green Challenge, the chart to record progress, and the reward stickers.

Please share the Pages as far as you can to your friends, schools, and throughout your social media … it’s much appreciated,
from the human CBC4CA team, and our Aussie friend, Hope and her companions, Euro, Nanook, and Su Lin. (You’ll hear more from them in future).

And three cheers go to our brilliant illustrator, Katrin Dreiling who brings to life our vision for these kid-friendly pages! Check out her website and portfolio. 



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