GUEST ILLUSTRATOR: Amanda Francey, illustrator and artist from Queensland. Her beautiful artwork touches many.

Amanda completed this illustration during the horror first days of 2020 when bushfires ravaged southern states and western Australia. Check out her blog’s post.

Hope grows-web resized

It was my daughter’s idea to have the girl holding a stick after scribbling the words in the dirt. While it obviously represents regrowth after the bushfires, the deeper meaning behind it is, hope grows with our children. The younger generation are the ones who have the most to lose. Their voices matter and we need to help them be heard. – Amanda Francey. January 2020

We would like you to use Amanda’s image and respond with your own creativity … in a short story, a flash fiction piece (under 500 words), a paragraph, a poem, a haiku … the choice is yours.

Your replies will go on a new blog post once we’ve got enough responses. The only requirement is that you do it soon.  GO FORTH AND CREATE! Thank you, Amanda, for expressing so much in your image. And to your young daughter as well.

(c) Image remains the property of Amanda Francey. Not to be copied or distributed without the illustrator’s written permission.


2 thoughts on “# 5 Hope grows …

  1. Hope Grows

    I thought the fire
    Had taken
    Everything I love
    The flowers and the birds
    And the clean air
    Up above.

    But then I looked
    A little closer
    And much to my surprise
    I saw new leaves were opening
    And heard the new chick’s cries.

    And my heart soared with joy
    As the buds opened
    All around
    And new shoots of grass
    crept along the ground.

    Hope rises

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