GUEST BLOGGER: Sheryl Gwyther



To my mind, an image of children from across the globe says everything about why so many people think it’s imperative we humans do more now to mitigate the effects of further global warming. 

In Australia, we know 2020 has begun with the tragic, unbelievably fierce bushfires, with loss of human life, animal life, property, and flora and fauna in uncountable numbers. 

It’s not that difficult to know what we must do before it’s too late … for the children of the future, from right across the globe.

There is controversy, of course, about whether it’s too late or not to do anything about it.

In his Sept 2019 essay in The New Yorker — “What if We Stopped Pretending?“, Jonathan Franzen (writer, not scientist) tapped into fear of a climate apocalypse that many people are grappling with

Scientists immediately hit back. It’s worth reading the viewpoints in these articles.



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