A letter to concerned international Earth citizens

by Angela Sunde

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Dear Concerned International Earth Citizens,

Have you had a run-in with an angry Australian on social media? Did they take offence at something you posted about how we could do better Down Under? How we could stop the fires, save the animals, improve our responses?

With Australia’s small population of 25 million on our huge continent (approximately the same size as the USA which has 327 million people) our taxes don’t go as far (especially when our politicians want to have a surplus).

Yes, Australians are concerned and anxious about the climate, but our government is in climate denial and strongly controlled by the Murdoch press and mining companies.
Therefore, please don’t take to heart some of the social media comments posted by angry Australians.

After 3 months of out-of-control wildfires burning an area greater than the size of Maryland, Australians are suffering from devastating-news fatigue and trauma-related stress, grief and fear.

Here we are reading, seeing, watching and hearing really terrible things 24/7. It takes its toll.

And now parts of Australia are in flood. My city was hit last night with torrential monsoon rain waking us all. I slipped and fell hard on the tiled bathroom floor at 4am because of water gushing through the ceiling light fittings. The roof guttering couldn’t hold the downpour.

Climate change. We are living it.
Love from Angela – an Aussie who cares deeply about her country.

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