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Have your say! #1   
… Sheryl Gwyther

Sorry to say this, folks! But the next Federal Election in Australia is not until 2022.
It seems like eons away … months of enduring our government’s inaction on limiting emissions. Months of our government supporting openly and with largesse (yes, they even give taxpayer’s money to help multinational mining companies, not just encourage them to pay no tax on their billions of dollars profits).

But let’s not get depressed this Saturday morning (especially after overnight torrential, welcome rain; sadly the trough did not break the drought in many regions out west.)

Just call me Anne of Green Gables … but could we view this electoral fact with positive attitudes? It also means we have:

  • 2 years worth of building a strong movement of climate action within and outside our KidLit community  
  • 2 years worth of spreading the word even more across your own connections and networks
  • 2 years worth of targeting local politicians with letters and phone calls (did I mention the word, BOMBARD? No? Well, whatever suits your tastes, of course.
  • 2 years worth of learning more about what Climate Change is, especially if you don’t feel able to carry on a conversation or debate on the issue. (I’ve decided to not debate this issue with obvious climate change deniers … there is no debate.)
  • 2 years of chats with your Uncle Ted who’s a really nice bloke, but … yeah, he’s read about it all just a myth put out by scientists who want to make more money. It is worth talking to people like this … your measured, informed tones may just change his mind. And that’s what we need.
  • 2 years of growing our own community of CLIMATE ACTION warriors. (You know how I love that word … warriors.)

I love the KidLit community. I was a SCBWI Australia E/New Zealand Assistant Regional Advisor for 9 years because of my passion for the industry and supporting others in our field of work.

As well as being a strong advocate for the KidLit field and the young people we create for, I have a passion for science and the planet (don’t we all?).

That’s the reason for this blog … and the reason we hope you’ll join us in being more active in whatever way you can; not leave it for someone else to do; not leave it for another 5 years to try to save our planet. Because … yep, there is NO PLANet B.

“Opinionated” Image by Miguel Montaner is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 

3 thoughts on “#2 Count down to next Federal Election

  1. Most non-partisan economists point out that the problem of global warming is also the solution to strengthening out economy. By acting on the science, we unify our nation to generate enormous positive change in our own lives, and positive investment and activity in our economy.

    That said, we must be realistic – the current Federal government (and some in Labor) will continue to take fossil fuel money, and stall or block any and all action on the issues, convinced that the science is a ‘hoax’ and that winning elections depends on claims of ‘jobs and growth’ in the coal mining, gas and oil sector. If the Coalition are happy to ignore the scientists, the insurance industry, the leaders of our ADF, our intelligence agencies, the Fire Service and the rest of us, action will have to come from State and Local governments, and community groups and individuals.

    PS. Dump Murdoch media from your lives! Say ‘no’ to Sky and ‘hell, no’ to The Australian.

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  2. Great comments Sheryl, I totally agree. I always do my bit in my teaching and always have a strong focus on environmental issues. Kids, even at age 6, do get it!

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  3. The measured, informed tones are so important… no-one is going to change their thinking if you yell at or insult them 😊… Also trying to reach where they are at and why is important. Fear is often the motivator for ongoing ‘ignorance’. What will I lose? What will I have to give up? Why should I change or give up x if they don’t?

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